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Thresholds - adjusting granularity in monitoring settings
Thresholds - adjusting granularity in monitoring settings
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Configure threshold settings

To configure the threshold values navigate to Monitoring -> Thresholds

Here you can create new sets of thresholds and define their scope (whether they are related to servers or computers).

Below are examples that shows how to apply new sets of thresholds:

Example 1 - stop Panorama9 from flagging Bittorrent as an P2P file sharing application

Scroll down to P2P file sharing applications and just delete Bittorrent from the list and click Save.

Already generated issues will be marked as solved next time Panorama9 receives the list of installed software from a device (this can take up to 24 hours).

Example 2 - Change timeout for when devices are to be considered left unlocked.

You want to change the default 30 minute (1800 seconds) to a 60 minute (3600 seconds) timeout for generating issues when computers are left unlocked. Also you would like the timeout for servers to be 10 minutes (600 seconds).
Create a scope for computers and another for servers, scroll to Compliance -> Machine left unlocked by user - for more than and enter the number of seconds you  want the timeout to be and click Save.


Example 3 - Panorama9 should notify you when a disallowed anitvirus vendor is installed

Create a new set of thresholds, define the Scope (computers or servers) enter the allowed antivirus vendors name and click Save.

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