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Add a device

There may be IP enabled devices in your network the Panorama9 system doesn't automatically detect and include in the P9 Dashboard. The recommended approach is always to install the Panorama9 Agent, if the OS is either MS Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Peripheral devices such as printers, switches, uninterruptible power supplies or network-attached storage should be detected automatically. Still, your IT environment will have devices that you would like the Panorama9 system to monitor.

To manually add a device navigate to "Dashboard" -> "Assets" and click on the "+ Add device" button.

Select type of device you wish to add. Note that manually added servers and peripheral devices will generate unreachable issue if the device goes offline, but computers will not (it's considered normal that computers are offline from time to time).

Consider using the Panorama9 API if you've a large number devices that should be added to the Panorama9 system.

Configure monitoring settings

To monitor if the device is online, a simple ping check can be enabled (if disabled no unreachable issues will be created). If the device supports SNMP you can also build monitoring rules and configure conditions that will trigger an issue, if the returned result isn't met.

The ping check is done every 30 second. SNMP monitoring rules are scheduled to run every 30 minute.


Needless to say you can have Panorama9 triggering an SMS alert, email notification or issuing a help desk ticket directly to the preferred help desk system you've integrated with Panorama9. If a device is offline you just need to make sure that you've created a "Notifications " rule. If it's a server you need to select "Server unreachable" and for peripherals like webcams, interactive whiteboard, tablets, etc. you need to select "Peripheral unreachable".

Delete a manual added device

If you want to delete a device you no longer wish to monitor, simply navigate to the device and select the "State" tab. Then mark the device as "Disposed".

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