Stand out by branding the Panorama9 system with your own company logo and name.

Use the MSP control panel for easy roll-out of a template with your own logo and name across your clients dashboard. Shortly after, P9 icons on client desktops will be replaced with yours. Any reports you generate will also feature your logo.

Template options

The image below show how a branding template can look. We will go through the options in more detail below.

First, you must choose whether to enable, disable, or ignore existing settings on the client. This is exactly how the other template screens work. Since we are about to explain how to apply your company branding, you should set this to "On".

Next, you are asked to upload two different versions of your company logo. As the help text explains, these are used for a variety of purposes on the website, in the reports and as dialog logos in the agents. You can skip either or both if you prefer the stock Panorama9 graphics, which will simply be shown instead. We recommend uploading both.

The next question is about Organization name. Put anything here and it will replace instances of 'Panorama9' in user-visible locations: tray icons dialogs, popups and report footers. It will not change filenames, registry keys or other internal structures. This field also supports tokens (see the bottom of this document for a description of available tokens) but there is a maximum length of the final expanded string of 40 characters, which is dictated by space limitations. In case that a string exceeds 40 characters, it will get capped when displayed.

The following is all the things you are able to edit logo, color, link, name etc with the Branding option in Templates:

  • Dashboard logo

  • Logo - dark background

  • Logo - light background

  • Dashboard drop down menu

  • Support link visibility

  • Support URL

  • Twitter link visibility

  • Twitter URL

  • About link visibility

  • About URL

  • About link text

  • Dashboard senders

  • Reports - email sender address

  • Reports - email sender name

  • P9 agent branding

  • Organization name

  • Background color (Windows-only)

  • Tray/status bar application

  • Tray/status bar menu items

  • I need help from IT

  • Suspend notifications

  • Remote assistance

  • Sync with cloud

  • About

  • Quit

  • I need help from IT extra contact fields

  • Phone

  • Company

  • Customize tray/status bar application texts

  • Status icons for agents

Background color

If you are not fond of the calming and pleasant use of baby-blue in the Windows dialog boxes, you can change it to whatever color (in the RGB spectrum only) you prefer. Don't worry about the text color in the dialogs - it will adjust automatically to make the text readable.

The last few options control the agent icons. The same set of icons are used for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows (our Linux agent does not have a GUI so no branding support there), and are automatically scaled for both standard and high DPI resolutions. You can either upload an image into each of the three fields corresponding to the agent status (ok, offline or suspended), or you can chose to upload one image into the base field and leave it up to us to transform your icon into three distinct varieties. The base field is not used for any other purpose so you can leave it be if you prefer to handle things yourself. Using the base field overwrites the existing contents of the other fields.

Image sizes and tips

For best result please upload high resolution images. There is a size maximum but we don't expect you to run into it for any normal use. Having a high resolution version on file allows us to automatically rescale the images if we need a larger image somewhere, have better hi-dpi/retina support in the future and so forth.

Suggested image sizes:

  • Logo 512x512 pixels

  • Icon minimum 36x36 pixels, recommended 72x72 pixels

Regarding image composition, they work best if they are made to blend with whatever background they are put on. That means that using a fully or partially transparent background tends to give the best results.

Please allow up to 3 hours for the logos to display and be fully deployed in the dashboard.

Organization name tokens

You can use dynamic placeholder tokens in the organization name.

Supported sequences are:

  • %C resolves to current client name, unchanged

  • %c resolves to current client name, lower cased and all other characters than basic alphanumeric (a to z, and 0-9) stripped.

  • %D resolves to current client display name, unchanged. For clients without a display name, it is the equivalent of %C.

  • %d resolves to current client display name, same rules as %c. If no display name, equivalent to %c.

  • %P resolves to MSP name, unchanged

  • %p resolves to MSP name, same rules as %c.

  • %% resolves to a literal %

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