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Troubleshoot integrations
Troubleshoot integrations
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If tickets are not getting created or closed the first thing to do is to check the "System messages" found in the "Status" box on the front-page for error messages relating to your integration. The list shows entries from the last 30 days.

All errors relating to help desk integrations are logged there for you to help debug the integration set-up. The column "Area" will reflect the type of integration, e.g. Autotask, and can be filtered from the "Filters" box. Expand a row by clicking the "+" to read the error details.

A typical reason for a broken integration is changed settings in your help desk account that are not reflected by changes in the integration set-up within the Panorama9 dashboard.
As an example someone might have deleted a user or user role in Autotask that was applied in a Panorama9 notifier (see image below). The ticket integration will be broken because your Autotask account will no longer recognize the resource ID coming from Panorama9.
To resolve such an issue go to the offending notifier and make sure you have loaded the latest settings from your help desk account (to make sure press the "Refresh cache" button).
Change the settings to fit how the ticket should be created in your help desk account and press save.

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