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Your IT environment consists of numerous devices. Ensuring that all is running is a constant battle you must handle.

Panorama9 tracks changes and updates the Dashboard real-time sitting in the background as your helping hand leaving you to do what matters most.

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Detect if server goes offline

A server is considered offline when Panorama9 doesn't receive information from the installed P9 Agent or ping check from a neighbouring device fails. Servers on same IP network will automatically monitor each other and an issue will be created within 60 seconds.

Furthermore the data submitted by the P9 Agent is analysed - and if things aren't working as expected, looks suspicious or over time will evolve to a serious issue, you'll be notified. We analyse processor activity, memory requirements, free disk space and plot usage trends. We'll notify you in advance – giving you adequate time to plan and expand capacity if needed.

And when things come back online you will be notified again. This to avoid you rushing to a computer trying to solve an issue that's already fixed.

Avoiding false-positives

Panorama9 knows that you only wish to receive a minimum of notifications – especially during times where you're away from your office. Many systems have scheduled maintenance tasks that take place during off-peak hours, which typically means during the night. Being wakened by a beeping smartphone telling you that a server just went offline and then 2 minutes later came back online isn't helpful especially not if this was due to a scheduled reboot.

The intelligence behind the Panorama9 system distinguishes between a planned reboot and a device that just went silent, meaning that a scheduled reboot will only result in an alert if the server doesn't reappear within a reasonable time. The same applies to a scheduled restart of a service - only if the service fails to start after what is considered more than ample time you're being notified.

Logging of boot events

The Panorama9 system will log any event such as shutdown, reboot or restart so that you can always login into the Panorama9 Dashboard and see what and when it happened and did it result in an issue and who was notified, if any.

Monitoring of peripheral devices

To ensure that you also receive information about printers, switches, UPS and NAS devices the Panorama9 cloud system instruct designated Panorama9 agents to scan your network to spot such devices. These devices doesn't allow a Panoram9 agent to be installed locally but can and will be monitored through SNMP.

Information collected by neighbouring Panorama9 Agents is sent to Panorama9 and analyzed. Issue is created if a printer’s cartridge should be replaced, UPS is running on battery or a NAS device have a failed volume etc.

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