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When Panorama9 detects an issue you can get a notification via several channels. We can send mobile phone text messages, emails or even create and assign tickets in help desk systems such as Zendesk.

To configure how and when the Panorama9 system should send notifications navigate to "Dashboard" -> "Notifications".

Select issues to be notified about

Any issue detected by the Panorama9 system can be sent to you as a notification. Select one or more vulnerability, availability or compliance issues that should trigger the notification.

You will receive a notification when the issue is detected and again once it has been resolved. Our recommend setup and type of issues to be notified about see here.

Limit when notifications are sent

Some notifications should be sent no matter what, but others are not important enough to disturb your sleep or maybe you have days where someone else should get the notification. Under the section "Choose when to notify me" you can specify that a notification should only be sent for issues during certain time periods.

Another very practical limit to notifications is the whitelist under "Only notify me about some machines". For example you may have a few machines that need special monitoring. Or you may have groups of machines that are the responsibility of a certain person.


With reminders you can configure Notifiers to repeat alerting you to serious issues until a fixed time has expired or the Panorama9 system no longer detects the issue.

For detailed information about reminders, see here.

Send notification as email, mobile phone text message, etc.

When configuring a notification you can choose the type of nofication Panorama9 should generate:

  • Email

  • Mobile phone text message (SMS)

  • Integration with a help desk ticket system (Zendesk, or Autotask)

Email notifications includes detailed information about the detected or resolved issue and useful links to the Panorama9 dashboard. Looking something like this:

Mobile phone text message notifications go directly to your phone but contains less information.

If you've enabled one of the help desk integration extensions under "Manage" -> "Extensions" you may choose to have the notification created as a ticket. Read here about how to configure and enable a helpdesk integration:

Suspend notifications during maintenance work

If you know you are going to work on a machine and maybe trigger a bunch of availability issues you can choose to suspend notifications. Use the Panorama9 Tray/Status bar tool and select the "Suspend notifications" feature. This means that you can work on an issue with a machine without accidentally triggering more issues. For more information on using this feature see here.

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