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Asset state - Retired, Broken, Lost, etc.
Asset state - Retired, Broken, Lost, etc.
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Panorama9 automatically shows you, devices in your dashboard. Devices are either discovered via network scanning (printers, switches, ect.) or when a P9 agent is installed on them (computers and servers).

When a device is inactive Panorama9 automatically hides it from view in your dashboard.

  • Printers and other peripherals are hidden when they haven't been seen for 7 days consecutively.

  • Computers and servers are are hidden when they haven't been seen for 31 days consecutively.

This article will show you how to use the different states for a device; Remembered, Retired, Reserved, On loan, Broken, Lost.

Early retirement using the Retired state

If you don't want to see a device in the Dashboard you can set its state as Retired which will hide it from normal view.

For example if you installed a P9 agent on a virtual machine which has now been discarded it can be annoying to have it linger on the lists for 31 days. Or maybe someone plugged in a printer just for testing and now you don't want it to be on the lists anymore.

Retiring a device can be done from the device's State tab:

  1. Navigate to the device's State tab

  2. Select Retired state

  3. Add a comment if needed

  4. Click Save

(Please note that this will NOT uninstall the P9 agent on the selected device(s))

If you want to retire multiple devices in one go you can do it using mass editing. Note that if the device later comes online, the P9 system will create an issue warning you that the retired device is again active.

Reanimating devices with the Remembered state

If you want your dashboard to remember a device even though it is not currently active you can set its state as Remembered.

For example you may have a printer that is often offline for more than 7 days but you still want it to figure on the lists as an active device. Or you may have a virtual server for testing which can be offline more than 31 days but you need it to show as active for licensing purposes.

In those cases you will want to set the device's state to Remembered. This is also done on the device's State tab.

Note that often you only know you want to have a device remembered after it has gone. In that case, to bring it back, you'll have to set inactive devices to be shown before you can find it.

The device list has a Filter setting to show inactive devices

Once your inactive device is showing, changing the state to Remembered is the same procedure:

  1. Navigate to the device's state tab

  2. Select the state Remembered

  3. Add a comment if you feel like it

  4. Click Save

Beyond forcing Panorama9 to retire or remember a device you can also use "Asset state" to track devices that are:

  • Reserved - device not in use but held in reserve

  • On loan - device loaned out but should be returned eventually

  • Broken - error preventing device from working correctly

  • Lost - device cannot be found

For the above states the Panorama9 system will generate an issue when:

  • A reserved device is online

  • A loaned device isn't returned before specified date

  • A lost device is online

Should you wish to receive a warning for any of the above issues, just setup Notifications.

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