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Setup website monitoring and other internet related services
Setup website monitoring and other internet related services
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Ensure your corporate website is online and respond within reasonable time is easy after you have configure the Panorama9 dashboard with the URL's that should be checked.

Additionally you can set up monitoring of domain name servers and if your domain(s) are about to expire.

If you are using an external service for scanning your emails we are still able to monitor if your mail server is responding, just add the address. If you restricted access to only receive traffic from e.g. Google/Postini you need to allow SMTP access from Panorama9 (whitelist the hostname “”, please use the hostname and not its IP address as this may change).

To configure Internet services that Panorama9 should monitor navigate to "Monitoring" -> "Monitors" -> "Availability".

All checks are done from the Panorama9 cloud and doesn't require any active Panorama9 agents. This ensures that you get a clear picture of the state of your Internet related resources inside your network and how they are perceived by people outside your network, e.g. customers and roaming employees.

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