The menu is located at the top right hand corner and we've made it as recognizable as possible; the hamburger icon

Clicking on it gives you different options:

  • My profile
  • Users
  • Subscription
  • Twitter
  • Support
  • About Panorama9
  • Sign out

Under My profile you can:

  • Edit your email
  • Edit your name
  • Add phone number
  • Set time zone
  • "Keep me logged in" can be set
  • Password can be changed
  • 2FA can be enabled and Backup codes are found here
  • "Access to billing" can be set
  • Login history is shown

Under Users you can:

  • Create users
  • See users last login
  • Deactivate users
  • Edit users
  • Invite teammate(s)

Under Subscription you can:

  • See your current subscription
  • See which credit card you have added
  • Setup Payment card
  • Access Account settings

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