Reports, what can I get and when?
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Panorama9 comes with many built-in reports:

  • Device inventory

  • Device uptime

  • Software inventory

  • Users

  • IPv4 addresses

  • Software licenses

  • Manufacturer and model

  • Vulnerability issues

  • Availability issues

  • Compliance issues

  • Patching

  • Executive

You can choose to receive any report periodically or calculated for you, instantly. You can select assets by State and device and Group of devices

Weekly report will be generated on Monday around 8:00 PM CET

Monthly report will be generated on the first day of the month around 8:00 PM CET

Should you need a report, we don't provide, we would be happy to hear about it. Or, perhaps our API is able to provide you with the needed information about your assets?

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