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Best practices for text message and email notifications
Best practices for text message and email notifications
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All issues discovered by Panorama9 can be set up to trigger text message and email notifications. The idea is to immediately notify you about the issues that are most critical to you (offline servers, internet connection, website etc.) If you haven’t already configured notifications please read here.

What should I set up to trigger notifications?

Well that is absolutely up to you! However this is what we recommend for a minimum:

  • All availability related issues

  • Antivirus issues (in the vulnerability area)

How many notifications should I create?

Some companies need only one or two notifications, some use a lot more. We recommend at least two notifications:

  • One for the issues that are critical set to go via email and SMS to the resposible admin around the clock.

  • One for less pressing issues set to go via email only to a few responsible supporters.

Don't hesitate to create many separate notifications but do yourself a favor and give them meaningful names. Also remember that you can target notifications to only trigger on issue from a single machine or group of machines. This allows you to monitor in great detail.

I get too many notifications, what should I do?

Where there is smoke there is fire as they say. Panorama9 does not send notifications if you have no issues so the first thing you should consider is fixing the issue. That being said some areas can produce a lot of issues that don’t necessarily need your attention immediately:

  • Missing software patches (in the vulnerability area)

  • Behavior issues (in the compliance area)

MIssing software patches will normally be handled by Panorama9 automatic patching, and so the notification can be irrelevant by the time you get time to do something. A strategy might be to limit this notification to a few select machines - your high value targets - and simply check in the Dashboard once a day that your general machines have up to date applications.

For many companies behaviour issues are not critical. However if your company has a password policy or encryption requirements you may want these notifications to help you ensure compliance in your organization.

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