The P9 Agent runs under the "Local System Account" and requires that you configure the proxy service to be enabled and allowed.

Microsoft Windows

Open the command line prompt as Administrator.

If you've defined PAC file with proxy settings then run:

bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy networkservice AUTOSCRIPT http:\\PROXYURL
bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy localsystem AUTOSCRIPT http:\\PROXYURL
bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy localservice AUTOSCRIPT http:\\PROXYURL


bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy localservice AUTOSCRIPT http:\\\proxy.pac

Manual define proxy settings

bitsadmin /util /setieproxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY PROXYURL:PORT
bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy localservice MANUAL_PROXY PROXYURL:PORT
bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy networkservice MANUAL_PROXY PROXYURL:PORT


bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy localservice MANUAL_PROXY http:\\

To remove proxy settings from the system account run

bitsadmin /util /setIEproxy localservice NO_PROXY

To check if proxy settings is defined for an account

bitsadmin /util /getIEproxy localservice
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