Monitor devices running VMware ESXi
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Use Panorama9 to monitor the health of VMware ESXi servers such as CPU usage and state of virtual machines.

Panorama9 will not automatically detect your ESXi server, so you must manually add it through the Dashboard by navigating to "Assets" and click on the "+ Add device" button.

Under Type select Server. Enter Name and Hostname, IPv4 or MAC address, Manufacturer, etc.

SNMP rules to check server health

The next step is to add SNMP checks against the ESXi server - such as is CPU load too high. Add a SNMP rule that checks OID, set match type to "Less than" and enter the required value, e.g. 90 (which means the CPU load must be below 90%).

SNMP rules to test health of virtual machine

Lets create another check where we test if a machine on the ESXi server is powered up, in this case we would like to monitor the machine called 'TEST - Ubuntu 12.04 ApitStaging - 64 Bit' located under the following OID

The powered up information for that device is located under OID

The above example list the device as "Off". The following rule, where we have added the OID above, uses the match type "Contains" and is set to "on" - meaning that unless the OID contains the text "on" an issue is created.

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