How long after uninstall is a computer visible in the dashboard?

The device will not be visible after 31 days without contact to the P9 agent. It will still appear in historical reports and will be displayed again if it "returns".


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    Leif J.

    I kind of a Notification or a option to remove it manually and at the same time set the limit when it will autoremove will be good.

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    I agree with Leif. Please can this feature request be a priority.

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    This is a high priority feature and is high on the road map.

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    Are there any updates to this? Having a system stick around for an entire month seems wasteful. For example, I setup a sandbox VM to test out various features of P9, and now that VM has been destroyed. I have to see that system in the dashboard for 31 more days?

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    Tomé Lopes

    Hi there,

    I did the same Russ did, are any update about this ?


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    Two years and we still don't have a delete button??

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    Sorry that we're moving ahead slowly. The way we originally envisioned P9 didn't foresee manual deletion of devices - since we want to maximize automation we chose to have the system cleanup automatically.

    Several of you have come forth with legitimate use cases for allowing manual intervention. And we are committed to implement that. However this features was de-prioritized in favor of other improvements. We should have communicated this clearly here, sorry about that too.

    Anyway you’ll be happy to hear that in the beginning of 2015 we're going to launch a feature that allows you to do more than just delete a device. Since others have asked for ways to organise assets we're going to introduce "asset states”. For an asset - e.g. a VM you only used for testing - you can set the state to Retired or Disposed in which case it will not be crowding your lists or reports.

    The Asset State feature has been released:

    Sorry for not updating you all sooner