How to Configure SNMP Community Strings on a Dell Switch

How to SNMP enable your Dell Switch?

You need to access the switch via a telnet prompt: 

Type Enable. The prompt displays the "#" sign. 


Console enable



Type configure and press <Enter>, if the Privileged Exec level global configuration context is not enabled. 


Console# configure



Type snmp-server community private rw and then press <Enter> to delete the private community string. 


Console(config)#snmp-server community private rw



Type snmp-server community public ro and then press <Enter> to delete the public community string. 


Console(config)#snmp-server community public rw



Type exit. The configuration context is exited. 

Type copy running-config startup-config and then press <Enter> to save the configuration changes. 


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    This: Console(config)#snmp-server community public rw
    Shoul be: Console(config)#snmp-server community public ro

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