What is the difference between an MSP account and a Dashboard account?

When you sign up you may choose between two types of Panorama9 accounts:

  • a Panorama9 Dashboard account
  • a Panorama9 MSP account

 A Panorama9 Dasbboard account is your best option if:

  • you are managing your company's network
  • all devices should be monitored and managed by one Panorama9 Dashboard


A Panorama9 MSP account is your best option if:

  • you are managing the network of multiple clients such as a Managed Service Provider
  • you don't want all monitored devices on the same Panorama9 Dashboard

When logging in with a Panorama9 MSP account you'll be able to view the status of all the clients associated the Panorama9 MSP Control Panel. Each client will have their own private Panorama9 Dashboard. You're able to view and manage any of them.

Would you like to switch your account type then please contact support@panorama9.com


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