Single Sign-on (SAML)

Any IT administrator has the challenging and time-consuming task of managing user access, accounts and resetting password. With web applications the task becomes even more complex. A new employee means that an username and password needs to be created all the places the user is supposed to access. And when an employee leaves the company it's equally important that the access is revoked.

A secure and simple solution is for users to sign in once and then grant them access to any of the web applications without having to enter credentials again. You can configure login once access to the Panorama9 dashboard through the Single Sign-On extension.

Single Sign-On through SAML2.0

The Panorama9 Single Sign-On extension allows you to configure access to the dashboard using SAML2.0 where an Identity Provider e.g. will validate the user and grant access. The Panorama9 dashboard supports any SAML 2.0 compatible Identity Provider.

To configure the Single Sign-On extension login into the Panorama9 dashboard and navigate to "Manage" -> "Extensions" -> "Single Sign-On".


From your SAML identity provider you need a SAML login URL and SHA-1 fingerprint which should be entered in the "Identity Providers login URL" and "Certificate fingerprint". The SAML login URL is invoked by the Panorama9 dashboard when attempting a remote authentication.

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