Suspend notifications during maintenance work

From time to time you're required to do maintenance work on e.g. a server. Any services that you may stop will result in Panorama9 generating an issue and send you a notification, if you've configured the dashboard to warn you when something is broken. Rebooting the server would result in even more notifications coming your way. Until you've completed your work a stream of disturbing and needless notifications could be filling up your inbox. But you can easily avoid this by temporarily suspend notifications.


Use the tray icon to suspend notifications

Before you begin the maintenance work just "right click" on the Panorama9 "tray icon" and choose "Suspend notifications" (on Mac OS X use the Status Bar application. You should do this on the device that you would like the Pananorama9 system to temporarily ignore. Once your request has been processed by the Panorama9 cloud the "tray icon" (if on Mac OS X the Status Bar icon) will visually warn you that any detected issues will not result in a notification.


The Panorama9 system will continue to track and monitor the device and create issues that can be viewed through the dashboard - only sending of notifications will be suspended. Note that issues detected on other devices in your IT environment will continue to generate notifications.

When enabling the suspend notification option you're asked the duration in hours and minutes that it should be active. After the time has passed the Panorama9 system will automatically resume generating notifications.




You can anytime choose to "cancel the suspend notification", just "right click" the "tray icon" and select "Suspend notifications". Then confirm that you would like again to be notified when something is broken.

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