The features of the computer details pages

The pages in the computer details section aims at giving you a complete picture of your asset.

The complete picture not only includes information about the asset itself, but also related assets - software applications, license keys and as well as the users of the machine.

You will also find both current and recorded performance metrics displayed in graph form enabling a look into past events helping to debug incidents reported by the Panorama9 system (as issues and alerts).


The Overview

On this page you will find important information about the current state and health of the machine.

These include a list of any issues currently detected on the machine divided into three main categories of "Vulnerability", "Availability" and "Compliance".
The colored dot on the tab title indicates the state: if green no issues are found whereas red means at least one issue has been detected.
Click on the text of an issue to view further details.

The "System event" tab will show events that has happened on the machine over the last 30 days. Among events shown are log ins and log outs, patched applications, remote control events, sent notifications, suspend and reboot events plus integration events (e.g. Zendesk Help desk integration events).

As part of the state and health information of the device is the "Usage" box.
Find here the current (within the last 6 minutes) CPU and memory usage and a list of the partitions with usage and size indicated.

Administrators frequently need a place to add important information (typically on servers) regarding operational do's and don't's, how to's and data needed for regular administrative tasks. Simply store this in the "Notes" box ("alias" and "other notes").

Finally the "Location" box displays location information gathered such as city, country and geographical placement (note that this may not be the precise location of the machine, but only at city level). The location data is updated daily.
The "Roaming" indication is based on whether the local IP of the machine is found within any of the IP ranges added in the Panorama9 dashboard (see "Manage" -> "IP ranges").
Use the "notes" field to add more detailed information as for example "building 5, 2nd floor, room 12".



The Hardware

On this next tab is simply an overview of the hardware found inside the machine.

In the box to the lower left is found input fields for storing accounting and management information about the machine.
These include various significant dates (like "warranty"), links to documents belonging to the machine (local shares or URL's, e.g. link to a manual), and finally accounting informations (like "price" and "invoice" number).

The Panorama9 system will attempt to look up the warranty date automatically. Currently the following manufacturers are supported: Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. To learn if the machine has extended service and support coverage, e.g. phone support or on-site repairs navigate to the Links tab and click on the Coverage link (only supported for selected hardware manufacturers).

The rest of the hardware data is updated daily.



The Software

Here can be found all the software and related software assets that has been detected on the machine.

To the right the first of the three tabs lists the software applications on the machine. Click the application name to view more details about an application.
The second tab lists all the drivers, while the third "Keys" lists all the software license keys detected.

Two small graphs in the left hand side box are displaying more information about the software and the usage.
The top graph gives a top 5 of the most used applications over the last 30 days while the lower is a bit-size breakdown of the applications.



The Users

Find in this tab information about the past and current users on the machine.
On the right is shown a list of the user sessions that have been registered on the machine during the last 30 days providing log on and log off times of each session.

The left hand side is dedicated to the last (and/or current) user on the machine providing detailed informations like user name, time of last session etc.
Note especially the heat map of the last user's sessions collected over the past four weeks. The graph provides a quick and useful overview of when the user actually was online on the machine hour by hour during the weekdays.

Changing user image: Clicking the user icon will allow you to change the image used for the user using the Facebook account image for the user.
Simply enter the user's Facebook ID or user name and Panorama9 will reference the image directly from Facebook. Note that this means that changing your image in Facebook will affect the image shown inside Panorama9 directly and immediately.



The Network

Here information about the network adapters and their configuration is  displayed in details.

Each adapter will have it's own entry in the list on the left hand side. The network data is updated daily.

To the right graphs showing the bandwidth usage and error occurrences are displayed for the last 5 days. Click the clock icon to change the time interval.


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