Why the complete overview matters

Panorama9 is about getting the full picture, a complete in-depth overview of all your IT assets and being able to manage them effectively. Instantly know when something is broken or update machines that have vulnerable software installed. Panorama9 will do it all, but if complete control of your IT environment is desired it's critical that you get the Panorama9 agent deployed to all machines in your network. And getting there is simple when you know the tricks.


Once the Panorama9 agent is installed it begins reporting what has been discovered to the Panorama9 cloud. The received information is then analyzed and any detected issues will be presented in the Panorama9 dashboard and if desired sent to you as a notification either via email or as a mobile phone text message. Furthermore the Panorama9 cloud may instruct the machine to take correcting actions, if you've configured and allowed the Panorama9 system to do so.

Having an agent installed on all your machines may seem old-fashioned, but reasons are that it scales better than having just one machine doing the job and furthermore you want to include devices that are roaming, such as laptops outside your local network.

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