Monitor ESXi instances

With Panorama9 you can monitor ESXi servers and virtual instances running inside using SNMP queries.

To manually add a ESXi server navigate to "Dashboard" -> "Assets" and click on the "+ Add device" button. Under "Type" select "Server". Then enter "Name", "Hostname", "IPv4" or "MAC address", "Manufacturer", etc.



SNMP rules to check server health

To check if CPU load is too high, add a SNMP rule that checks OID, set match type to "Less than" and enter the required value, such as 90 (which means the CPU load must be below 90%). 



SNMP rules to check virtual machine health

Lets create another check where we test if a virtual machine is powered up, in this case we would like to monitor a virtual machine called 'TEST - Ubuntu 12.04 ApitStaging - 64 Bit' located under the following OID 


The powered up information for that virtual machine is located under ''


In the above example the virtual machine is "powered off" and that will give us the best opportunity to test our rule. The rule below, where we have added the OID above and "Match type" is set to "Contains" and with "Value" set to "on", so if that field changes to "off" it will generate an issue on the dashboard. 


Panorama9 have now collected the latest status of the OID that contains the powered status of this specific virtual machine. Below is the example of the issue and based on that, you can receive notifications and/or tickets in your help-desk ticketing system.




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