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Direct Asset URL doesn't work if the correct MSP client isn't selected first

I know there's integration with ZenDesk but for other platforms it would be great if the link to the asset would work for MSP's.  Currently if you use the direct link to an asset (i.e. https://dashboard.panorama9.com/portal#assets/hardware/computers/[GUID]/overview) it'll only work if you are logged in and already on that Client.  Otherwise, you'll get a message that the resource doesn't exist.  

The value of the direct URL is then we can put that link into tickets, CRM, and other tools (even emails) taking the tech directly to the assigned asset.  We can sort of do this with the api but then it's the API's credentials and we really want it to just be the tech's login taking them directly to that asset page.

Currently if you are on the Client Dashboard, the direct link works (with Chrome but not Edge).  If you're on the correct client, it works.  If you are not on the right client, it doesn't work and most importantly if the user isn't logged in, it doesn't work.  It will prompt for a login but then just go to the client dashboard and say "not found".  I've also found that the results of when it work vs when it doesn't very by browser.

With the GUI, it should be able to redirect (even after a login) to the correct page for that client.  I thought perhaps adding the client to the URL (like the cid with the API) would be a fix but really that GUID should be enough to redirect to the right page for computers and servers.

This would open up a lot of possibilities for integration as techs could go straight to the correct asset overview page just from a URL.


John Granade

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Yeah, I have the same experience with this. It's not working for MSP's  :(

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