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VMWare ESXi - Hypervisor hardware monitoring



I know that there are other posts of this, but will there be a VMWare hardware health monitoring in the near future ? 

Other vendors are using the SDK module for this :

This module can be installed on either Windows or Linux. I guess it shouldn't be too hard to add this to the P9 agent and select server(s) which where this would be installed so that it's able to check the health/runtime status of VMWare. 

We're living in the virtualization time and more and more SOHO's are virtualizing. In my opinion this should be P9's main focus before other features before it's too late. 

If this really takes too long, then there should atleast be more info or ready-to-use templates of OID's to use to check the raid status for example. Currently we cannot even check if the RAID-status is degraded or not, which should be easy to setup nowadays. 

I hope this post will be taken seriously because I think you'll lose customers if P9 is unable to do a health check on hypervisors. 

Thank you,


Dennis van Randwijk

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+1 for you Dennis,

This would be a nice function. I'm surprised it wasn't already implemented.

Jeffrey Koppes 0 votes

Hi, have you guys ever looked at VMWare's built-in WBEM h/w monitoring ?


This could also be an acceptable solution to correctly monitor the H/W status of an ESXi host. 

Dennis van Randwijk 0 votes

I got a script using VMWare's PowerCLI that reads the H/W sensors and only shows the errors. Tested it with unplugging a disk and power supply. 


Now I just need to add an e-mail alert and it's done. 


Next step would be performance monitoring, but this is a lower priority than hardware errors. 


Dennis van Randwijk 0 votes

Ye, but that's really hard to configure. We now do it with a few PowerCLI script that just checks the Hardware  Health of the ESXi hosts and sends an e-mail if a status go from green to yellow/red. 

We already caught a few hard drives and even a FAN that was broken with just a simple PowerCLI script. 

I find it strange that there still is no official ESXi support from a monitoring vendor. This is the virtualization age :)

Dennis van Randwijk 1 vote