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Patching - Suppress Restart Option if User Logged In

I'd like to suggest the option to suppress the reboot if a use is logged in when patching (or deploying software that requires a restart).  Currently our only option is "allow reboot" yes or no.  The problem is a restart could potentially cause a logged in user to lose unsaved work.  But if we select 'no' on the 'allow reboot' option then they have updates applied without the required restart and if they do restart their machine could be unusable for an extended period during the work day (i.e up to 2 hours for something big like say Windows 10 Anniversary or major MS Office updates).  

My suggestion would be to add 3 options if the user is logged in.

Reboot Options 'If a user is logged in' 

1) Do Nothing

2) Prompt to reboot until reboot accepted (Option to prompt every xx minutes would be nice especially if xx is configurable)

3) Automatically reboot

We encourage our users to always logout at the end of the day but everyone gets in a hurry and locks their computer some times.  We really don't want to force the reboot and cause them to lose their work but we also don't want to suppress reboots all the time as then it's like a time bomb when they do restart and those updates start getting applied.





John Granade Answered

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Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback. This is on the roadmap and we expect to release this feature during Q4-2017.


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