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Granular permissions - Remote Access

I'd like to see more options on user permissions with Remote Control in particular being a separate permission.  At times, we often have a local IT person that also wants access to use our remote control tools.  However, we may not want them to see things like issues, Reports, Notifications, Tasks, Monitoring, Patching, etc.  It would be great if those were all selectable permissions we could assign to a user but in particular Remote Access to servers/computers is a big one.

It would also be great if we could assign or restrict which devices they are able to remote access.  The 2 scenarios are a local IT person that wants remote access to some or all devices and the other is a user that we want to give remote access to just their 1 or 2 assigned devices.  With both we may not want them to see all the other "stuff" like Dashboard, Issues, Assets, etc. (and we may on a per user basis).

Right now it's a bit of "all or nothing" but it would be very helpful to start assigning user permissions to each major task with remote tools such as P9 Connect, and TeamViewer being of top importance.

John Granade

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