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Hide customers in MSP dashboard view

Our service desk handles surveillance tasks and one of them is to look at the dashboard for alarms.

For a number of reasons we want to filter some clients out of the client overview, but we do not want to remove them entirely from the MSP interface. Perhaps we want to save all data for a client, but have our service desk ignore any alarms.

Either way, filtering, or some sort of custom views would be great.

Frantz Dhin

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Hi Frantz,

Thank you for your feature request.

You should be able to disable all alarms (email notifications + "dashboard issues" etc.) by disabling the monitors for those clients. By doing this, you'd still be able to see your clients in the MSP interface without seeing any issues that may confuse your service desk.. You could furthermore ad "ignore" (or similar) to their client names, in order to clearly mark which clients your service desk should steer clear of.

I agree that filters/views would probably solve this in a cleaner way, but I hope my suggestions help.

Henrik Andersen 0 votes