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Dropped machines

Is there any way a report could be generated on machines that have dropped off of a client and are no longer active or reporting? Im seeing instances from time to time where P9 stops working and the machine drops off, but I do not know it. With dozens of clients and hundreds of machines, its very easy to lose a machine and not know it. Makes me look bad. Thanks, Jason.


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your question, our report "Device Inventory" will show how many machines that have been retired over the giving time.
But you are also able to see the machines under our new feature "Assets state", if you navigate to "Assets" and then from the filter change the value "Active Devices" to "Inactive Devices", the system will now show devices that we havn't seen for the last 30 days or devices that manually have been setup to be inactive.

Hope this answered your question.

Best regards

Claus Tjoerndal

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