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Two-Factor Authentication

It would be nice to see a two-factor authentication option for the dashboard for MSP and end-user logins. I have this available with Zendesk and TeamViewer currently, but I don't see anything for P9. Is this something on the current roadmap? If not, it should be very high on the priority list from my perspective. I'd expect Google Authenticator and SMS wouldn't be difficult to implement. Thanks for your consideration.

Seth Dietz Completed

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Happy to announce support for Two-Factor authentication. You can now add extra security to protect your account from unauthorised access.

To activate - login with your Panorama9 account, click the hamburger icon and select "My profile". Scroll down, hit enable the "Two -Factor authentication" and follow the instructions.


See article for more details https://support.panorama9.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007826227-Two-Factor-Authentication


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Have to agree - given what can be done/accessed with P9, 2FA is a must. Google Authenticator is a fantastic options with txt as a fallback. Every app we utilize for the most part has 2FA enabled and they're all in Google Auth. Bring it up, toss in the code, done.

SassPass seems workable, but not keen on having yet another app when I'm not using it for everything


IT Xpress 0 votes

Any updates on this? Some kind of multi-factor authentication is a must for a critical service like P9! It would be a disaster if someone managed to steal one of our logins. 

Tom Bozzo 0 votes

2FA is on the road-map and should be available during Q2 2016. And we will base the solution on the Google Authenticator. More to come...

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