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MSP centralized control for Updates and other items "patch all" for all clients

It would be nice if we could get a full list of updates on a MSP level and from there "patch all" for all clients or remove a couple we don't want installing for our clients maybe, then click "patch all". I guess in general, more MSP control, it's very limited at this point from an MSP standpoint.


Pedro Oliveira Planned

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We hear you and fully understand that you want to do more in less time. The MSP Control Panel is great for just that - manage multiple clients in few clicks.

You can already see the number of patch issues for each customer. Just select the column "Patch Issues".

Adding a "patch all" button doesn't seem to difficult. Perhaps even a modal box to allow you to select or exclude patch issues. 

IT-Man 0 votes

Have you given any thought into doing this. Every time I have to click through 15 clients to see each one's vulnerabilities I think of how this could help not just myself but many other msps. Thanks 

Pedro Oliveira 0 votes