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Integration with IT Glue

IT Glue is a fantastic IT documentation platform. We were so glad when we found it, as other solutions that we'd used before just weren't quite good enough.

"IT Glue is a proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team."

If Panorama9 connected with  IT Glue it could automatically synchronize organizations, computers, server and other devices on the network.

I'm an end user, and have nothing to do with the company, but would really love it if p9 integrated with it.

It already integrates with the better known RMM tools such as ConnectWise, Autotask and has support for LabTech, Kaseya, N-central and MAXFocus coming very soon.

You can find out more info at www.itglue.com

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